Welcome to Makana'ola!

Makana'ola is a Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage, physical therapy, and stretching clinic. 

Appointments are by reservation only, all sessions are in a private room.
And can travel to your house or hotel room in Tokyo (please ask other areas), so please feel free to ask. 

I welcome both male and female guests!  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding services, I'm happy to explain the massages to help you understand Lomi Lomi and the Makana'ola clinic.  Also, as Makana'ola is a serious massage clinic, if you are interested in a sexual massage please go to other store as this is not our intent. Thanks!

<Hawaiian Lomi lomi>  90min. 11,000yen
I studied under Kahu Kamana'opono in Hawaii.  
To give you a positive energy through my body, we begin by doing Pule (prayer) first.  
Guests don't have to take your underwear off during Lomi lomi.  I lend Pareo (Sarong) to female guests, but have to undo it to open your back when you lay down on a massage bed.  

We also have 30min. Lomi lomi(4,000yen).  Guests sit on a chair and I don't use oil, and you don't have to take your clothes off.  

<Physical Therapy>  From 30min. 3,000yen
It's not a chiropractic treatment, this is muscle massage using my hands and arms.  Guests wear a T-shirt and shorts provided for this massage.

<Pair Stretching>  30min. 3,000yen
You can feel a better stretch in your muscles if somebody helps!  Good for before/after workout or daily maintenance.

Open  : 10:00 - 22:30 (Last appointment begins at 21:00)

When reserving by email, please let me know your name, contact info, menu, and date. 

Makana'ola  Masato Kaneko